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Creamed Cuties presents hot chicks with mouthfuls of jizz at the end of every episode. The only thing slicker than the dick these babes lick is the appealing site design. Can we judge this book by its cover? I thought creamed corn tasted good, but creamed porn with luscious ladies lips laden with loads of liquid lust is a dozen times more delicious, especially when almost every one of these chicks swallows the cream as if it was their only source of sustenance. Many of the amateur women seem overwhelmed by the size of the load delivered from the studs big cock, which makes for some precious candid moments of disdain as their sweet faces literally get coated from top to bottom with thick cum. You get nice close-up shots as the man gravy spurts out of the erect pecker and pools on the babes waiting tongue. You also get access to eight bonus sites, including Trixie Swallows, Sexy Teen Amanda and Asian Suck Dolls. Some of the other sites are much smaller than this one and the lack of an advanced search or the ability to save your favorites, leave comments or rate the scenes might annoy you a bit. There is a basic search, though.

all in her mouth

Ocean is a beautiful chocolate babe, with a nice pair of tits and ass, and she loves to suck dick! Score! She was easy to get out of her clothes, and when I went around to the side of the bed to cop a feel, she didnt hesitate pulling my cock out. Well go ahead, I thought to myself as she licked on it. She bent over to show me that ass, before she dropped to her knees and face fucked me. With such nice big titties I had to stick my cock in between them before I blew a load all over her pretty face. When I nutted she opened wide to take it all in her mouth. Hey Ocean, you missed a little on your neck!

her first legal cock

Nita has lived a pretty sheltered life in the backwoods of Washington and was raised to be a good little girl. Guess that didnt work out because as soon as she turned 18 she headed to Sin City to make her life long dream of being a porn star into reality. She wasnt even the least bit camera shy! Nita is a hot piece of ass with an adorable face, full, pouty DSLs a perfect natural rack, perfect ass, flawless skin, and a tight little pussy that I couldnt resist getting into. I was pitching a tent in my pants just looking at her! I think this girl has what it takes to make it big, so just remember, you saw her here first! I have bragging rights of being her first legal cock!

learning to swallow cum

I do not know how far Nicole would have gotten in life without learning to swallow cum, but it took even a few more off camera lessons before this boobalicious babe got it right. ( I just love giving lessons!) It looks like someone had taken the time to teach her a few stripper moves like rump shaking, and with the motion of the ocean of tits she had going on, now she just might make someone a pretty damn good girlfriend some day. I always get a little sentimental when my new girls graduate from cum slut school, sniff.

face covered in goo

Naughtia grew up in Saudi Arabia with her father, and even speaks Arabic! She just returned to the States and will be turning 19 next month, so shes just starting to get a taste for white cock. Maybe thats why she spits, all the sand over there must make for some pretty gritty jizz. Well Naughtia, if you hang around Vegas long enough, you will learn to swallow, I promise you that, because thats what us all-American men love! She definitely didnt look too happy to have her face covered in warm white goo, but it sure looked pretty against her chocolate skin.

She gulps it down

Naudia sucks cock like a champ! At nineteen, she really knows how to put her full lips to work when she slobs my nob. I think what I most like about her is her dedication to get me off by sucking on me with the same rhythm over and over for a good 15 minutes until I unleashed my load into her awaiting mouth . She gulps it down like a true whore!

mountains of soft flesh

If you love big Naturale titties, and I do not know many men that dont, you will love Naturale. Shes 19 and already a cock hound! She knows what men like and is not afraid to please them to get at the creamy jizz that she loves. Shes a great cocksucker, but I wanted to get my cock inside those mountains of soft flesh. I guess I do not have to tell you that it disappeared completely, and only popped up for air every once in a while. Man, I think I am going to move my whole body in between Naturales titties and just live there.

love slave forever

Damn, I swear I wish I had been born a woman! Natasha arrived at my house pretty quickly, like almost as soon as I clicked submit on the website. She said she had problems getting through immigration because her paperwork was expired, but she made quick work of the dicks, (literally) and was ready to be my love slave forever! Now which end do I fuck first?

dropped to her knees

For those of you that remember, I just redefined the saying Play Misty for Me. It now has a whole new, sexier meaning than what it used to be. Misty had beautiful features, especially her, uh, eyes. Okay, and her titties were fabulous too. Slightly firm, but oh so soft. As I bent her over against the wall, I buried my cock inside her, grabbed two handfuls of tittie, and I swear I was on cloud nine! When I blasted off, she dropped to her knees and took it all in her little cocksucking mouth and swallowed it.

young fresh pretty face

I get calls from 18 year olds all the time wanting to get into the porn industry, and I pretty much drop everything and run right over to see them. Theres something about a young fresh pretty face that has not been seen or jizzed on before that is so exciting that it makes my balls ache! Girls like Missy are few and far in between, but I have discovered quite a few and exploited them here. Did I say exploited? Im hardly exploiting when a big shot agent from California calls me and wants to put them in the big time. Yes, sadly enough, I think Missy is being called up to the big time, so keep your eyes open for more of her soon.

Of course she swallowed

Miranda might be a tiny framed girl but she sure can deep throat a cock. She certainly surprised me when she shoved my hard cock deep into her throat the first time. I just had to see just how deep she could take it. From the moaning she was doing I swear she had a clit in the back of her throat she was getting off before me! Since she was having such a great time sucking my cock, I let her give me a nice long blow job. Of course she swallowed!

cum in her hair

Standing at the mailbox in my friend Dirtys apartment complex, one cute blonde American Beauty look-alike cumslut that claims to give blowjobs as a daily hobby. When asked if she spits or swallows she gobbles and gives a nice refreshing ahhh afterwards! That is until she realized I got cum in her hair. God, get it ANYWHERE but a girls hair, I swear!

baby goo on the chin

Midnight, and the freaks come out, take this Vegas slutty for example. She shows up at my place at the strike of 12 (Midnight) asking if she could give me a blow job and calling for a heavy whammy. So I had to oblige so she got what was cumming to her, I left her a little baby goo on the chin, and set her off into the dark Vegas night.

pierced upper lip

Michelles raven-haired, pin-up starlet beauty really struck me when she walked in. She had a sexy deep voice for a 20 year old, but looking at this girl and feeling her attitude said she had a rebellious old spirit. If the tattoos and pierced upper lip were not my first clue, the biker boots should have been. This is the kind of girl that could melt an iceberg with her stare. If she and Jacque got together, they could milk a man dry in seconds!

against her throat

It seemed like the cat got this girls tongue when we first met, but by the time she left my house, I was glad it didnt! My god did her tongue feel good sliding up and down my shaft! Melcie wraps her lips around me, and then slips her tongue out just enough to ride along her bottom lip as she strokes deeply into her mouth, against her throat, then back out again. Over and over again until I slapped a giant white mess all over her face!

licked my shaft

Mary was my first girl with braces! You just cant pass up an opportunity to drizzle your jizz across a nice shiny pair of orthodontics. She sucked and licked my shaft for about 15 minutes and then I told her to "Open up and say ahhhh!!" before unloading a gallon of wax into her $3000 mouth! "Hey Mary, wheres your retainer?"

major deep-throating

Marilyn is back for some major deep-throating! Her dick sucking talents have placed her in the swallow hall-of-fame and she is definitely proud to be there. Its wonderful to touch her tonsils and feed her my jizz.

I was spurting sperm

And when Bobby got wind of Marilyns skills, he wanted some too and jumped into his brothers pie. This girl is too amazing for words. She did not tell me she could deep throat, so when she smashed her face against my body with my cock down her throat and started to lick my balls with her pretty pierced tongue, I nearly fell over! It was not long before I was spurting sperm for this leading lady and she gladly swallowed it down. No wonder she was so popular with the boys!

black thigh high stocking

Luna was pretty much clueless about anything else, but she did know she loved sex. She was wearing these hot black thigh high stockings and high heels which looked great for ankle sailing. I bent her over and fucked her doggie style, then put her legs in the air and watched her titties jiggle with my thrusting. When I reached my boiling point, I giggled to myself as I covered her face with my jizz, even getting it up her nose! This one is a masterpiece for facial lovers.

pretty pussy lips

I got Lili and Lexi back to my pad, put them on the bed together and asked them to kiss each other. Well, that kiss set them off and they spent the next 20 minutes licking and noisily finger fucking each other. I could see cunt juices all over both of them, which was my cue. They gladly spread their pretty pussy lips for my throbbing cock and the menage a trois was underway! We fucked every imaginable way until my cum came loose for them to kiss and share.

Slutty black eyeliner

With titties like this and a face made to cum on, who was I to turn down an invitation to touch this girls cookie? Slutty black eyeliner, stripper shoes, and a schoolgirl uniform, she was definitely no girl scout. But she was obviously trying to earn her merit badge for something, so I sent her away with two badges, one for blowjob, one for cum swallowing!

such a sweet ass

I invited Krista back to my place to catch some rays with me. I told her I was picking up some cold beer on the way, and we could get freaky. She seemed to think I was cute, so I thought I would push this as far as I could. Girls come and go so quickly that you may as well get what you can while you can, right? Well, she had such a sweet ass that I fucked the shit out of her and then sent her packing, not expecting to see her again. Hasta la vista baby.

her secret fantasy

I guess Kitty was the more wild type as she picked Dare and soon enough she was revealing a secret crush she had on me and that her Dare was to fulfill her secret fantasy and proving it by showing her friends the warm wad in her mouth. I hope they play again next week!

this young slut

Kimmy is a 19yr old chick who just loves the cock! Shes a stripper at night but she eventually wants to build her own site. I think with her big tits and appetite for dick that this young slut has potential in the internet market. So stay tuned and you just might be seeing more of her. In the meantime, watch her lick my facial blast off her glasses.

I fucked those tits

I have been blessed with yet another set of Ds to sprain my thumb with! Kelsys perfect natural rack was born and raised in Texas where everything grows larger! I tested out both sets of lips, and as I slipped my cock inside her perfect pink pussy, the view of those fucking awesome tits overwhelmed me! Saving the best for last, I fucked those tits until I blew my spooge into her mouth for her to eagerly swallow!

girl/girl action

WOW!!! Kelly is 18 and still in HIGH SCHOOL. Can you believe it? Shes an "A" crowd cheerleader who couldnt wait to turn 18 so she could finally get her freak on in front of the camera. I met her and her girl friend several weeks ago as they performed some girl/girl action for a quick video. Now she came back by herself to show me that even high schoolers can milk a mans cock. Watch me blast a thick load across her 18yr old face.